Lil Boosie’s Out Of Prison, And The Only Question Now Is: What Can’t Lil Boosie Do?

boosie – Boosie admitted that he’s had to get used to some new applications, like Instagram and Apple’s FaceTime, which weren’t popular when he was first locked up. He also noted that social media has definitely earned him some new fans, and the excitement for his release was palpable, with one fan even comparing his return to Jesus’ resurrection. He still hasn’t tweeted, officially, but he’s gearing up for it.

During the Q&A he revealed that he’d penned 1,018 songs while behind bars — yes, 1,018, which gives him plenty of material for the new album he’s already begun to record.

And, who would he like to work with? “I got a hit for Justin Bieber,” he answered, to laughter.

Despite being on probation, possibly for another four years, he still plans to be back on tour by the end of March. During his time in the pen, he also wrote a book and a movie called “Boosie: The Movie,” which he’d like to produce on his own. – Lil Boosie (real name Torrence Hatch), is now looking forward to collaborating with Drake, fellow Louisiana rapper Lil Wayne and even Justin Bieber.

“I just did one (track) with Young Jeezy last night,” Lil Boosie said. “Me and Justin Bieber gonna do something, too. I know it’s (going to be) a hit.”

“I’m always excited about music. I’m like a music fiend. I know music from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s on up. I just want to work with everybody who’s doing their thing.”

It’s not like he could make Bieber’s reputation any worse. Aside from his musical goals, the rapper also has written a book and has plans to make a film.

“I’m trying to get my own liquor, my own clothing line. … My own smell-good cologne. I’m just working, trying to take my success to another level,” he said.

During his 4 year prison sentence in Angola, Lil Boosie wrote 1,018 songs, a tell all book, the screenplay to Boosie The Movie, he’s ready to launch a clothing line, a good-smelling Boosie cologne, his own liquor.. The only question is what can’t Lil Boosie do? This guy spent 20 months in solitary confinement just plotting his empire, he literally thought of it all. He’s been gone for so long, so he doesn’t know much.  Instagram puzzles him.. he had no concept for Facetime. But you know what he does know? If you do a collabo with the Biebs, you might as well preplan a room in your house just for bars of gold.

You know if it wasn’t for the inevitable butt rape, and the almost certain possibility I would become someone’s bitch, I would love to kick it in prison. I’d have all the time in the world to do Boosie things like writing that screenplay I’ve been trying to write for a year now. Or write Sam: A Sexual Memoir. But I literally have no time to do these things in the free world. If getting shanked wasn’t a real fear of mine.. I’d love to go be creative in prison.

Those are pimp chairs.. Those are chairs for pimps



and I can’t believe that a man of this caliber was ever incarcerated…