If NEWSER Thinks This Study Is Going To Stop Me From Peeing In Pools, They’re Dead Wrong


(NEWSER) – Peeing in the pool: gross, sure, but no real harm done? Think again. Researchers at Purdue and China Agricultural universities recently studied what happens when urine meets water containing chlorine and other chemicals—and they found that two potentially dangerous chemical byproducts are formedDiscoverreports. The uric acid in urine reacts with the chlorine to form cyanogen chloride and thrichloramine, which can affect the lungs, heart, central nervous system, and other organs if inhaled. io9 reports that the researchers also dosed water already containing those compounds with more uric acid, and found the cyanogen chloride level rose as a result.

Per the study, “Uric acid … accounted for 24% to 68% (depending on temperature, water pH and chlorine condition) of the byproduct cyanogen chloride in the pool water samples.” Both chemicals have been linked to health problems experienced by swimmers, lifeguards, and pool staff, reports Quartz, which points to a 2012 survey that found 19% of adults cop to having peed in a public pool. If you don’t count yourself among the group of offenders, you may be contributing to the problem anyway:Philly.com cites previous studies that suggest swimmers typically “drip out” as much as two shot glasses of urine when swimming. (On the flip side, read about the group that thinks cow urine is a miracle cure.)

Well if Newser thinks they can scare me with their reports and their science studies, they’re wrong.  People pee in pools.. more than 19% of adults. One of my friends shit in a river once, didn’t think twice about it. And if some people are savage enough to do that, I’m sure they don’t even think about peeing in pools. I’m sure I’ve peed in a pool. I can’t even remember a specific time.. I just know that I have.

Why Newser wants to ruin all the fun..? I don’t know. Why they’re trying to tell people that pools are death traps now? I don’t know.  Why couldn’t you just let people pee in pools and not bother us with dangerous chemical compounds that cause problems for your lungs, heart, and central nervous system. It’s just as annoying as telling a smoker that smoking causes cancer. They don’t wanna hear that.

Apparently we just drip 2 shots glasses worth of piss when we swim anyway. What’s the difference between 2 shot glasses of urine and 40 or 50 shot glasses worth..?