Darrelle Revis Spotting At Logan.. Hallelujah The Signing Is Right Around The Corner


I know I’m jumping the gun on this one, but I just saw the pic of what must be Darrelle Revis at Logan on Barstool. I have been preaching the Book of Revis since the second I found out Talib signed with the Broncos. We obviously had a huge hole to fill after we lost Talib to free-agency. We need someone that can hold our defense together.. you know at this point we just need a warm body out there, but Revis really makes up for Talib’s absence.. Personally I’ve had my doubts about Revis for the past couple of years. It seemed he was super-human at the beginning of his career.. and anything less than that created some sort of doubt. That and the fact that the Bucs had absolutely nothing going on last year. But we need to sign him, need to. Stab the Jets right in the eye. Revis Island in Foxboro.


So Loco Fresh.