Anyone Who Gets NFL Updates On Their Phone Just Got The “Aqib Talib” Text


Time to say bye to this shiny headed ghetto defensive genius.

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. NO! You know maybe I’m naive if I thought there was any chance the Patriots were going to sign Aqib.. I knew he was gone. But to the fucking Broncos? Awww man, are you serious? They locked him down for 6 years, $57 Mil.  He goes to the Bucs.. I’m fine with that.  The Vikings wanna sign him.  Have fun in Minnesota, bud.  But the Broncos? The Dark Horse? Our rivals? No. I’m not okay with that. Well here’s the deal, Elway said “Alright so we got our balls cut off by the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, maybe we need some defense.. maybe defense gets championships” So he went out and got him some defense. Not looking forward to Aqib locking down are best receivers every time we play the Broncos.

Elway also just said this: