The Biebs AKA Mayor Of Smirk City “Battles” Lawyers In Deposition.. If By Battle You Mean “Mentally And Verbally Beat Them Down”

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Why is this lawyer fucking with Selena questions?? He’s 100% trolling. Fucking with Usher questions.. bro what does that have to do with anything? I’m actually confused by some of these questions and their relevance..

But hey, I don’t know if you know it by now.. but the Biebs is kind of a big deal.  He gives not one fuck.  You ask him the questions he wants to answer.. and don’t bring up Selena.. because if you do, he’ll probably make you cry.  You interrogate him on his terms, and let him finish.. don’t fucking interrupt him.

Any normal person would have just answered the question.  The Biebs is no normal person.

You actually want to waste your time trying to get him to confess to ordering an attack on a photographer? You’re really you going to waste your time? You know he did it. He knows he did it.  He’ll spit in your face a belittle you, but he will never confess. That’s how the Biebs rolls. He can put the hit on a photographer.  It’s his world, we’re just living in it. Just roll the tape.. see for yourself.. you can’t teach that type of arrogance, you’re born with it.

“Guess what…? I don’t recall.”

“You said watch the film.. is this a film…?”

“Oh oh really..? You didn’t want to interrupt?”

Absolutely fucking hilarious.. he clowns those dumb lawyers.  They thought this was going to be a walk in the park.. the Biebs is just a kid, they thought.. he’s so naive, they thought. No. He’s cold and calculated. This isn’t his first rodeo.  You combine his cockiness with the fact that he could straight up steal those lawyer’s wives, and buy himself out of any trouble.. that’s what you call unstoppable.

Being on Bieber’s legal team has to be the best job in the world.  He does the work for them.