This Is Exactly Why Detroit Can’t Have Nice Things

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Shinola is a Detroit-based company that makes spectacular watches. They’re a major success story in Detroit, a city that’s been ravaged by the economy and corruption, and as somewhat of a thank-you gift to the city they’ve raised four large, free-standing clocks around town. And they’re quite handsome timepieces, too, we should say. They’re designed to look like a very large pocket watch, a (much) smaller version of which Shinola plans to release later this year.

One of them in particular, located a stone’s throw from the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art at the corner of Cass and West Canfield, was the victim of vandalization just a few hours after it was unveiled, tagged “MINCE SCAE”. Shinola CEO Stephen Bock was non-plussed, however, saying to the Detroit News: “I don’t think it was a big deal. It was just some graffiti. I’m not concerned. These things happen all over the world.”

Detoit-based freelance investigative reporter Steve Neavling was able to deduce that it’s the work of Miami based graffiti artist SCAE (who’s actually not that bad, in my humble opinion), and the “MINCE” part of the tag appears to be a popular tag in Detroit. 

So. What did we learn today… that we can’t have nice things in Detroit? Perhaps it ain’t that simple: Detroit is trying to strike a balance right now between its history as an American industrial capital and its burgeouning underground art scene in the town… a scene that is arguably attracting a new breed of resident. Given that Detroit was founded in 1701 and is, at 2014, experiencing (re)growing pains? Maybe Shinola CEO Stephen Bock is right… maybe it’s not that much of a big deal after all.

So Detroit based watch company Shinola unveiled 4 brand new street clocks in Detroit.. kind of a thank you gift of sorts. Well hours after their unveiling, one was tagged with graffiti. I’m so not surprised.  This is actually so Detroit it hurts right now.. just about as Detroit as it gets. There was probably a kid right around the corner shaking his spray paint can, just playing the waiting game.  Lurking in the darkness of an abandoned building probably.. I heard Detroit has tons of those.  Second it went up and people left the scene.. BOOM.. “MINCE SCAE”  Yo, what the fuck does that even mean?? Mince Scae? Oh man, if I were tagging the clock I would have said something like “Analog is 4 pussies” or something like “City of fallen dreams” I don’t know.. I guess I don’t have a problem with the act of the graffiti-ing.. maybe just that this graffiti-er is either illiterate or I don’t even know.