Of Course Kim Jong-un Received 100% Of The Vote In This North Korean Election


(Everybody clap! Everybody Smile!)

The Guardian-

North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un was elected to the highest legislative body without a single dissenting vote against in his district on a 100% turnout, state media reported on Monday. There was no one else on the ballot.

North Koreans went to the polls on Sunday to approve the new roster of deputies for the supreme people’s assembly, the country’s legislature. The vote, more a political ritual than an election by Western standards, is generally held once every five years.

Though results for the other seats in the assembly had not yet been announced, North Korea’s media quickly reported Kim had won in his district located on the symbolic Mount Paekdu with a unanimous vote.

In the previous elections, 687 deputies were chosen. This is first time the election had been held since Kim inherited power after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, in 2011.

“This is an expression of all the service personnel and people’s absolute support and profound trust in supreme leader Kim Jong Un as they single-mindedly remain loyal to him,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency said.

Voters in the election have no choice who to vote for there is only one candidate’s name on the ballot for each district. Instead, they have the choice of voting yes or no, and according to official accounts virtually all choose yes. North Korea also typically puts turnout nationwide at over 99%.

Analysts will be closely watching to see if the deputies this time around reflect a generational change as Kim looks to solidify his power and replace older cadres with younger, more loyal ones.

The supreme people’s assembly usually meets only rarely, often only once a year. In practice it has little power and when it is not in session, its work is done by a smaller and more powerful body called the presidium.

The new parliament was expected to meet next month. No date has been officially announced.

He wins again! He wins again!

This is being reported as a “news” story… Hey guys, wake up. Of course Kim Jong-un got 100% of the vote.  Who’s going to vote against him. Even if people did vote against him, which I highly doubt because North Koreans respect him like a god, North Korea would still report that Kim got 100% of the vote. No matter what, Kim Jong-un was going to receive “100% of the vote” wink wink.

Try voting against him.. see what happens.. anonymous elections or not.. he will find you and he will throw you to the dogs, gladiator style.. and he will clap at your demise.  Ask his uncle how he’s doing.. oh wait he got the dogs..

Kim Jong-un does what he wants.

This round faced chubby boy scores 20 strokes above par on the course.. oh no wait, scratch that – 30 under par – new course record.  This guy can do and say whatever he wants. It’s funny that there is a leader on this planet that is so far in dream land.  Never a dull moment with Jong-un, never a dull moment in North Korea.