It’s Very Possible That I Don’t Even Know How Crazy The Blarney Blowout Was Yesterday

I thought I had a good idea of how Blarney went down yesterday..  But I’m quickly realizing that it’s very possible I have absolutely no idea how crazy it actually was.. which is mind boggling to me.

National news.. buzzfeed.. blogs all over the internet.. local and national news outlets.. The University Officials said “Party.  I dare you.”  And they partied.  I mean, I thought last year’s was crazy.. I was there.. 6, maybe 7 arrests.. this year, more than 70 arrests. People were standing on cars, seas of people in green clashing with riot police.  Rubber bullets flying everywhere, tear gas, the whole nine. Amherst captain of police called the day “mayhem”

Every person I talk to is telling me something crazier than the last..

One girl said she got shot with a rubber bullet and took it like an absolute champ.  Said she ate it up.

One kid said they saw a guy punch a cop out.  Just feed him a good ol fashion knuckle sandwich to the face.

One kid said he played with a baby goat all day. While others said they spotted a little black leprechaun.. I kid you not.


Hmm.. this is starting to sound a lot Project X.

The pictures are unreal:



Here’s the last kid I’d want to be at Blarney:








Kid kind of got his ass handed to him.. not even wearing any green.

The cops were having a field day btw.. Honestly they had to find some satisfaction in sniping kids with rubber bullets:

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 8.32.05 PM


oh btw Blarney news made it as far as the UK

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 8.34.16 PM