Remember Florida Golf Coast? DUNK CITY, USA? Well They Just Had Their Tourney Dreams Crushed By Mercer In The Atlantic Sun Title Game

Give me FGCU!! Give me DUNK CITY! Oh they just lost the Atlantic Sun Title game to Mercer? Fuck.  They were the best team to watch in last year’s tourney. Absolutely ELECTRIC.  Fairytale stuff.  They took this country by storm. Everyone was talking about Florida Golf Coast University. Bracket breakers.  They make it to the tourney this year and they’re only missing Sherwood Brown.. big hole in the line-up.. but no reason you can’t ball without him. But why waste time speculating.. they lost to Mercer in the ASun title game.. so no madness in Fort Meyers, FL. this year.  I’m going to be a slut and hype FGCU one more time just for nostalgia’s sake:


I won’t even pretend for a second that this song isn’t straight fire.  I also won’t act like that girl’s verse didn’t turn me on. Because it did. The white Nicki Minaj. Why she’s wearing the Cowboys hat.. idk.  I still would..

Started from the bottom dubstep remix + FGCU highlights = chills.

If you didn’t buy into their brand of basketball.. you really don’t know basketball.. these guys played their fucking hearts out.. it’s really a shame that we don’t get to see FGCU later this month.  Favorites to win the NIT 4 sure.

So as their tourney hopes came to end lets just remember a few things…

They’re great at dancing



They’re coach was married to an absolute smokeshow model






And their campus beach makes me drool with jealousy..

Campus Beach






RIP Dunk City for this year