Ok I’m Not Going To Guarantee That Certain Socks Will Get You Laid.. But These Feat Socks Will Probably Definitely Get You Laid

I asked this kid, little guy, “Do you think these socks could make you cooler?” and he answered back, “Socks can’t make you cooler.. they’re just socks.. nobody cares about socks.”  So I said “so socks don’t matter?”  and he said, “No, I’m wearing white socks.. they’re cool too.. nobody cares about socks.”

Mmmm, nope, fashion timeout for you kid.  Maybe he’ll learn his lesson.

Socks are like a secret.  When you’re wearing pants, they hide under your pant legs. Unseen until you sit down, or stretch or whatever.

Here’s an anecdote: you’re trying to get this girl.  You want her to know that you’re good with kids or something adorable.  Well you don’t just tell her “I’m great with kids” you join a Big Brother program.. and in time she finds out and thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.

When you’re wearing cool socks you don’t say “hey look at my cool socks,” you hide them.  And when they come out and she says “wow those are great socks”  it just says that everything you put on your body is a calculated decision.. and you have your shit together.

Cool socks will 100% get you laid.  They’re the ultimate swag.  Girls eat swag for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They love swag.

You throw on some Hawaii’s:

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 6.50.15 PM

Game over.

These are just so obviously the only option you should present yourself with.  Oh yeah, I have a vivid shot of Hawaii on my socks, you wanna get outta here?


Lobsters and anchors?

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 6.43.55 PM


Wearing cool clothes to get women, it’s great and all, and keep doing your thing.. but throw great socks into the mix and that’s it.  You’ve created an ensemble.  An unstoppable one.

So FASHION TIP OF THE DAY: swag socks.  You’re welcome.

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