Florida Family Trips Their Balls Off After Eating LSD Tainted Meat From WalMart


This is so Florida it hurts.  Sometimes when you read a story you can just automatically tell where it’s from.  You tell me that a family was hospitalized after eating meat tainted with acid, I’ll put my money on Florida, Arizona, or the Carolinas.  Maybe Montana.

Oh man I can only imagine, just laying into a steak at the end of a long day.. and all the sudden you start feeling a little sick, cold sweat and then BOOM your hands become forks and knives, the table’s melting, and you’re stuck in the middle of an acid infused Dali painting.  Your wife is just nagging you, but she has a bird head now, because you’re tripping sack. While all you wanted was a moment of relaxation with your steak.  You just wanted that big meaty vitamin to get you through the next day, and instead you’re tripping your balls off.  Yikes.  I’d be upset if those steaks didn’t come with a best of Jimi Hendrix boxset.. or at the very least a kaleidoscope or something.

The best part of this story is that while they were in the hospital.. the mother, who was with child, gave birth.