The Detroit Tiger’s Justin Verlander Dared Torii Hunter To Kiss A Gator.. AND HE DID?!?


BleacherReport (03/04/14)-

There are times in life when one must stare fear in the face and give it a big fat kiss.

This was one of those times for Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter.Justin Verlander dared his teammate to pucker up and lay one on the gator, and Hunter came through in the clutch. However, Hunter captioned the photo “#stillfearit,” so there remains a healthy respect for the animal.

You know how the blog title is all like “OMG TORII HUNTER KISSED A GATOR.. THAT’S CRAZY!!” well I couldn’t be less jazzed up about this one, quite the opposite.  Usually these athlete dares or pranks are much better.. just, you know, you’re a professional athlete, show me that you have a pair of cojones.. do something flashy, something daring.  That gator had it’s jaw taped, bro. The. Jaw. Was. Taped.  Absolutely harmless.  Couldn’t tear your lip off even if it wanted to.  “#stillfearit“?  I honestly would have put the whole front of the gator’s jaw in my mouth, that’s how not scared you should be.

Here’s what should have happened.. Verlander should have ripped the tape off and said “You do it now” and then angered the gator in some humane way.  Get that gator real fired up.  Then if you’re Torii, you sneak up behind the little monster and kiss attack, quick kiss, in-and-out.  Real fast.

Pecking an animal that has been rendered harmless, then saying “#stillfearit” hardly says anything about a man’s character.