I Think Video Review In MLB Is Just Stupid

I used to be on the other side of this video review debate.  Oh no, video review is just what baseball needs to avoid controversial calls, to get a more accurate game going etc etc.  Nope don’t feel that way at all anymore.  Now we are well into Spring Training, and I’ve seen it in use 3, 4 times.. it’s probably been used more.. each time the review lasted over 2 minutes.  Baseball is slow enough!! I don’t want to sit around for 2, 3 minutes every time a play is in dispute.  I know managers only have a maximum two challenges per game, but having the umps decide the calls on pure human calculations is the raw advantage that the MLB had over the other major sports. I’m going to miss it.  Another reason they should forget instant replay is that this expansion is sure to cut down on manger explosions.. and who doesn’t like a good freak out?  The answer is nobody, because everyone loves a good freak out.  We’ll see how it goes.