I Hate How LeBron’s 61 Point Night Makes Me Feel


God I hate this.  I’ve never liked LeBron, ever.  I think he’s stupid.  I hate how Heat fans were bowing, how LeBron was telling the crowd to give it up for him, to cheer louder, so cocky.  Not to mention, he looks like the Phantom of the Opera out there with his dumb face mask.  Just so douchey.. But you know what?  Watching LeBron’s highlights on his 61 point night tonight is making me tingle.. and I hate that I can’t help but watch that performance without picking my jaw up off the floor.  I mean, I don’t think a single one of his jumpers hit the rim, all net.  WET.  You know when you’re just having yourself a game.. you’re playing a pick-up game and everything is falling for you, you can’t miss a shot even if you tried.. and you feel like a god.  Well LeBron just had that game. I wanted to say “Pshh 61? That’s child’s play.. Kobe’s 81, Wilt’s 100.. call me when you grow up and can hang with the real men.”  But I literally can’t.  Have to respect game here.  God it hurts to suck up to a LeBron performance..  This was probably the best shooting game he’s had in his life.. when you say something like that about LeBron James it was probably a damn good performance.. you swish your first 8 3pt FGs and you get an A+ from me.

Still hope Durant gets MVP.