Wait, Stop.. I Just Saw This Least Favorite Artists List State By State, R. Kelly Cleaning Up!

hatedbandsOk, so this map is hilarious.. I had no idea R. Kelly was so hated across the US.. had no idea.  Its seems like if you pee on an underage girl, there’s like a 100% chance that shit will haunt you down the line.. and all the way to the “Least Favorite Artists in America” map..

So let’s break this map down a little with a state count:

R. Kelly, 15 states, locking down pretty much the entire Northwest and New England.. if doing a terrible job was doing a great job.. R. Kelly would be killing it.

Bob Marley, 7 states, some states just aren’t chill enough.. and I mean, come on.. the poor guy’s dead, give him a break..

Luke Bryan, 6 states, really not surprised.. not the biggest Luke Bryan fan myself.. his shit gets old fast.

Haim, 5 states, guys they barely just came on the radar.. plus, is nobody else turned on by a trio of attractive sister rockstars? I am.  Love Haim.

The Rolling Stones, 4 states, are you fucking kidding me?  How could you be so out of touch..? The Rolling Stones have been killing it since the 60s.. still doing it big.  Keith Richards is just balling out like always.. Mick Jagger still killing it.

Bon Iver, 3 states, I feel like I should know Bon Iver.. I mean, I’ve heard the name.. but have no concept of what he sounds like.  All I know is Texas just fucking hates Bon Iver.

CHVRCHES, states, I don’t know these guys.. stupid name, really dumb.

2Pac, 2 states, ok guys have a fucking feel.. 2Pac hasn’t been relevant in, idk, 15 years.. Kansas and Pennsylvania just living in the past.

Chris Brown, 2 states, have you even listened to “Love More”, “Turn Up The Music”? Guess nobody has sex in Illinois or Vermont.  Chris Brown is FIRE.

Radiohead, 1 state, if you hate Radiohead.. you’re just a troll.  I can’t remember the last time I listened to Radiohead.. just a hard band to hate.  You do you Kentucky.

John Mayer, 1 state, man if I was a betting man I would have said John Mayer would have cleaned up in least favorite artists.. I love Jmayer, everyone thinks he’s a doucher.. he does his thing, don’t hate the player hate the game.  But he got away with 1 state, Alaska.. which doesn’t even count. If I learned anything from Alaskan State Troopers, half the state dabbles in Meth, probably don’t even care about music.