Aaron Hernandez Put The Beat Down On Another Inmate Today.. What Can’t He Do?


(That face is just saying “I’m such an innocent soul” haha)

The New York Daily News –

Aaron Hernandez once bowled over linebackers in NFL stadiums. Now, he’s reportedly thumping fellow inmates in jail.

Bristol County Jail’s most infamous inmate, Hernandez reportedly beat the snot out of a fellow prisoner Tuesday at the Massachusetts detention center.

The 24-year-old former New England Patriot has been kept away from other inmates because of his celebrity status, but was allowed to walk a hallway Tuesday when he saw another prisoner he apparently did not likeTMZ Sports reported.

The guy reportedly had been harassing Hernandez, who awaits trial for murdering Odin Lloyd last year, causing him to snap and pummel his antagonist.

Locked up since June 26, the former NFL tight end has had a squeaky clean record up until now.

More details have emerged about the allegations against him, but Hernandez himself has not spoken publicly.

Late last year, letters he exchanged with fans outside of prison were given to the media. He wrote that he is innocent and that “I’m way less stressed in jail than when I was out of jail.

“I’m just anxious to go to trial to see what’s up and prove my innocence,” he wrote.

The county sheriff’s office did not immediately reply to a Daily News request for comment.

It’s unclear if the 245-pound former NFLer will be punished for the beating. The condition of his victim was unclear.

It was really only a matter of time.  Oh so you usually keep Hernandez in solitary, but today you let him walk around a little and he just opens a can of whoop-ass on a fellow inmate?  Well, ok.  You are street hard after all.  I mean that guy did chirp him all day long. It’s like poking a bear through the fence, then suddenly getting tossed into the cage.. just ripped to pieces.  Guy’s probably gonna be eating through a feeding tube from now on.. jaw wired shut for eternity.  If Hernandez had a gun in jail he 100% would have shot this guy in the face.. and not even cared about it.

That was the final straw though.  No more NFL for you no matter what.  Everyone clap it out for this guy.  Guilty in the Odin Lloyd case or not.. you beat the shit out of another man in jail.. chances are you’re probably not ever going to step foot on a football field ever again.

Still just the greatest gif of Hernandez out there: