Jim Boeheim Calls Bullshit On That Terrible Charge Call Against Duke Saturday Night

It was only a matter of time before Syracuse started losing games.. can’t just stroll in the NCAA Basketball season and expect to win em’ all.  Doesn’t work that way.  I don’t care how good you are.. you will lose at some point.  You know what else was just a matter of time? Jim Boeheim losing his shit.. especially coming off of that BC shanking, I mean game, it wasn’t going to take much.  Just jumping up and down running all over the court, bullshitting anything that walks.. kind of reminded me of Nic Cage from Face/Off  with his “fuck youuu, fuck youu, fuck youu, fuck youu!” Just pointing at everyone telling everyone to screw.


But you know what, I would have been bullshit if the ref stole the game away from my team.. that call was the biggest piece of shit call I’ve seen in a long while.  Mr. Happy Feet dancing all over the place, didn’t establish his feet, no charge. Bullshitttt, man.