How Come I Never Knew About These Heinz “Dip And Squeeze” Ketchup Packets??


I went to UBurger today with my buddy, the one at Northeastern, and I order the Cowboy burger, which is fucking phenomenal, side of fries too.. because if you get a burger without fries, you’re as un-American as it gets, burger sans fries is the order of a psychopath.  I get my order, reach into the bag, and what? What are these things??  Boom. Heinz “Dip and Squeeze”.  There are some products that are just game changers.  This is one of them.  Talk about a game changer!!  I mean this is a product that took three years to perfect.. they said “we want to give our consumers options, because Americans love options”  I love having options, who doesn’t.  Are you serious?? I can peel it back and dip into it.. no mess whatsoever.. and if I’m feeling like living on the wild side I can tear the top off and squeeze it out just like old times.  Phenomenal. And I’m a condiment guy.. love me some condiments.  Mustard, mayo, ketchup, all the good stuff.  Ketchup scientifically enhances food.  It’s proven.  So when I see something like this, I get excited.  3x more ketchup?? Plus there’s no getting over the fact that its shaped like a small ketchup bottle. Just adorable. Really just a great product all around. I’m kind of embarrassed that they came out with this in 2011 and I’m just getting wind of it 3 years later.