Well There’s Nothing Like Going From A Possible Gold Medal Game Birth To Not Medaling At All.


5-0 Finland.. 5-0?? Wow. I honestly don’t know what to say.. I didn’t even watch because to me bronze medal games are for squares.. they’re for squids.  Ask yourself have you ever cheered for 3rd place? ever?

Dude Finland is the absolute worst.. Like guys, nobody cares about you.. I’m talking nobody.  I mean you knock Russia out, everybody’s surprised, then you roll over on the floor and shit your pants against Sweden.. just to beat us in the bronze medal game? I didn’t want bronze, bronze is third place guys.. I didn’t even want it.. if you’re not first you’re last.  That’s that.  Gold or bust.  Does it suck that the US of A didn’t even show up, didn’t medal.. yeah it sucks, we’re America, we’re winners, we don’t lose often.

I mean we did get our teeth kicked in.. I know we only lost 1-0 to Canada and but 5-0 to Finland, were they even in the medal talk entering this tourney?? I don’t know if anyone’s familiar with Augie Garrido the UT Baseball coach, but he speaks the truth.. doesn’t matter if you lost 1-0 or 80-0, you got your ass handed to you, if you lost you were doing something wrong, you got your teeth kicked in.. Augie says after a 4-2 loss.. and this 100% applies to the US Hockey Team the last 2 days:

“They don’t have one guy at that team that could play for us.. and they kicked the ever living shit out of us..  if this was a fucking fist fight, or a gang fight, which most of you don’t know one fucking thing about, we. would. be. dead. If it was a boxing match and each individual took the beating that we took today.. I would just come and visit your ass in the hospital, and say when you get the fucking wires off of your mouth from the broken jaw and you can see again because your eyes aren’t swollen now.. all I would say is we’ll have a little chat when you get better, about how this guy just fucking destroyed you.”

Well Canada and Finland just beat the ever living shit out of these guys and they had no response… absolutely none.  Jaws wired shut.