I Bet You Stephen A. Smith Is Behind This ‘Space Jam 2 ft LeBron’ Bullshittt


First of all, I had no idea there was a Space Jam 2 in the works.. hadn’t heard anything about it.. and it isn’t actually going down, like everybody said.. looking at you GQ, Yahoo! and CBS Sports blowing all your loads too early.  LeBron’s camp said even if there was a sequel he wasn’t going to be a part of it. Thank God.  I think I almost punched my computer screen when I saw that this movie was “being made” It’s also rumored that there are quite a few people that really wanted to see Bron star in the sequel.. Alright, I’m not going to sugar coat it.. if you were one of the people in favor of BronBron starring in Space Jam 2.. there is a special place in Hell for you.  Just the worst of the worst.. not only were you excited to see a shitty sequel that couldn’t possibly live up to the original.. but you wanted LeBron to star in it..  You deserve your own island, you all can live with yourselves.

I guarantee you Stephen A. Smith came in his pants when he heard about this.  Probably the mastermind behind it too.  God I knew it.  Just diabolical.  “I know LeBron’s a superstar.. but maybe we can all suck his dick some more and give him an Oscar for Best Actor in an animated film next year.. that’ll put him on Mount Rushmore for sure” hey fuck you Stephen A.  You know to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if Kyrie Irving stepped up to the plate.  Uncle Drew, maybe.  But Space Jam is sacred.  This isn’t Shrek or Fast and Furious.. you can’t make 10 of them.  What do they think they’re fucking with here?