Russia Gets Knocked Out By Finland… Is Anyone Else As Upset As I Am?

russia loses


Goddamnit Russia! Why you do this to me?  Look, I know “Sam, were you actually rooting for Russia?” No.  I’m American.  But was I rooting for a US Vs. Russia Gold Medal Game? Yes, hell yes, I was.  I love the rivalry.  I love the Cold War.  I love the 1980 Miracle Game.  I love the Space Race. I love that we pretend to like each other, but secretly hate everything the other stands for.  I love everything about US Vs. Russia.. and nothing was sweeter than T.J. Oshie’s shootout goal.  Nothing said AMERICA more than that.  But playing Sweden or Finland for the Gold Medal Game just won’t be the same.. I don’t care about either Sweden or Finland.. we never had missiles faced at them.. we never chased their subs.. they never had a Red October.. they don’t have quality spies, they never say “Let’s do this for mother Sweden/Finland.”  That just sounds stupid.  Just no fun! Goddamnit!

Russia, you should have just taken care of your shit! Finland?? Seriously?? You let Finland beat you??  I hope Putin makes an example out of you in one way or another.. maybe you disappear like Jimmy Fallon said you would, if you lost.  I mean come on.. Ovechkin, you toothless fuck! You couldn’t just put the team on your back one time?!  You suck.  Russia, you had Ovechkin, Malkin and many other nasty Russian hockey players.. and you couldn’t just make it to the championship game?!!  Give us some competition.

Bottom line is I love watching the Russian’s hang their heads.. I love it.. but I’d rather seem the hang their heads after a loss to the ol’ US of A.

Just an after thought… Do the Russians name their children anything that doesn’t have “Alex” in it?

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 1.39.09 PM

Sergei too.. just not very creative with the names..