Bill Russell Cuckholded The Hell Out Of LeBron

Bill Russell

So remember when LeBron said, “Michael Jordan needs to be recognized… If I’m not going to wear #23, nobody should.. I’m switching to #6 because DR. J is my second favorite player blah blah blah” Well I absolutely hated this move because guess who else wore #6?  One of the NBA’s legends and Celtic great Bill Russell.  Have you no respect for the game, man??!  You know what Uncle Drew does to young-bloods who disrespect NBA greats?  He beats they ass.

But this was the past, I’m over the whole “changing my number to 6, out of respect to MJ” thing.  Until this past week when LeBron came out with his Mount Rushmore of basketball.. and Bill Russell wasn’t on it.  Well Bill Russell roasted the hell out of LeBron:

“Hey, thank you for leaving me off your Mount Rushmore. I’m glad you did. Basketball is a team game, it’s not for individual honors. I won back-to-back state championships in high school, back-to-back NCAA championships in college. I won an NBA championship my first year in the league, an NBA championship in my last year, and nine in between. That, Mr. James, is etched in stone.”

Classic “I’m not going to make this about me.. but here’s my resumee you fucking young-blood” comment here, and I’m not even mad about it.. usually this type of comment.. I’m 100% calling the person out saying you said this wasn’t about individuals, but you made it about yourself.. but this is Bill Fucking Russell..

It’s not like he has 11 rings, or won 8 straight with the Celts from 59′-68′.. and it’s not like he has has 5 NBA MVP honors.. or is second all-time in rebounding, second only to Kareem, and might I mention the two will always be at the top.  He didn’t hell break any race barriers or anything, and it’s not like most people have him 3rd greatest player all-time behind Magic and Michael..

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 1.27.19 PM

But watching LeBron make a fool out of himself is too much fun.