Wrestler Bro From Kent State Suspended For Homophobic Tweets Directed Towards Michael Sam And Other “Queers”


Hey Sam Wheeler, news flash bro, you get in a skin tight suit and rub up on dudes all day.. maybe you should take a look in the mirror.. and maybe if Michael Sam has the rocks to come out, you too can do it. We’ll all support you just like we supported Michael Sam.. the “fag from Mizzou” Man, you are class embodied huh?

You really have to be an ignorant person to put this shit up on Twitter and expect to not be suspended the next day.. I mean really stupid.  Like dude, do you know nothing? This guy literally only lost today, made himself look like an ignorant fool and got suspended indefinitely.  He didn’t even bring christianity into the debate… just plain homophobic ignorance.  I laugh at you, bro.

Look I’ve also realized how ignorant my previous post about the Michael Sam story was.  It shouldn’t matter.. things were meant to change, and it’s time they get used to having gay people in locker rooms everywhere.. Keith Olbermann said something to the effect of “in 1947, white baseball players were worried about having black players in the locker room, because they were worried they would have to let go of black jokes, and stop using the nickname they gave white players with dark complexions.” Absolutely ludicrous.