1,000 Bodies Found On OleMiss Campus.. Hey Guys, Now Might Be A Good Time To Get Out Of The University of Mississippi..

Just wow.  Everything’s just fine and dandy, entering the spring season down at Mississippi, weather’s starting to get nicer, everyone’s having a great time… then BOOM 1,000 dead bodies… what’s that you say?  Oh this place used to be a “Lunatic Asylum”?  There are unmarked burial grounds right beneath us? Nothing like throwing a creepy wet towel on this University’s vibes… Scarytowne, USA that’s what the University of Mississippi has become.  Just the casual beginning to a horror movie.

I didn’t even read the rest of the story before writing this, but apparently they came up with an estimate for the relocation of the bodies and it comes out to 3,000 buckaroos per body.. “We can’t afford that,” says Dr. James Keeton, dean of the medical school.  You know what else they can’t afford?  Having the souls of crazies as roommates in their now, I assume, haunted dorms.

Oh we’ll just throw some cement over it, sweep this problem right under the old rug.  They do have one thing right, you don’t fuck with moving bodies.  Fucking with their resting place can make spirits go crazy.. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Poltergeist?? True story.  Oh the bodies are assumed to be those of slaves, tuberculosis patients, civil war dead, and lunatics.  That’s settling.  I’d be able to sleep at night knowing that.. nope, one eye open.

Okay here’s what puzzles me.. university officials knew that there was an asylum cemetery.. they just didn’t know where.. seems like a pretty easy thing to keep track of.  They should have been like “Hey guys, where did you say all the dead bodies were buried?” in 1935 when the asylum moved.. at the very least they should have formed a find the centuries old burial grounds task force.