iPhone With Flappy Bird App Auctioned On eBay Reached $99,900 Before Being Shut Down


By Salvador RodriguezFebruary 10, 2014, 12:36 p.m.

The seller of an Apple iPhone 5s that came with popular mobile game Flappy Bird installed claims EBay took down the sale of the device.

The device had gained 74 bids and was listed at $99,900. The item still had six days left before the auction closed, but it was removed around mid-day Monday.

“EBay took it down. They said that you can’t sell phones with apps. Which doesn’t make sense to me because every iPhone has apps and they sell millions of them on EBay,” Vasil Kiniv, the seller of the device, told The Times in a message.

Kiniv said he had to call Ebay to figure out why the iPhone had been taken down. He said different Ebay representatives gave him different reasons for the sale’s removal.

“They didn’t really make sense on exactly why they removed it,” he said. “Kept changing their reason. First it was because they don’t approve of the item yet because it’s so new that they don’t know if it should sell for that much. And then they said that it was violating Apple terms.”

Another user who was selling a smartphone with Flappy Bird installed claims EBay also removed his item. The seller, whose name is David Syrett, said he received an email from the company explaining why his device was removed.

“Smartphones and tablets must be restored to factory settings before they are allowed to be sold on EBay,” the email said. “Please remove all content from your device, including the game Flappy Bird, before you attempt to list your item again.”

Syrett’s device was a 16-gigabyte iPhone 5. He listed it with a starting price of $2,499 and said it was viewed six times before EBay removed it.

A third iPhone that had received a high bid of $98,100 also appears to have been removed.

Users began selling devices with Flappy Bird installed after the developer of the game suddenly removed it from both the Apple App Store and Google Play this weekend. Before being removed, Flappy Bird was listed as the top free game on both app stores.

We asked EBay for comment.

So this kid I work with comes into work with this dumb smirk on his face today, walks straight up to me and says “Bro, you know how Flappy Bird got taken off the app store?  People are buying phones on eBay with Flappy Bird on it.. I saw one that was going for $1,200, I’m putting mine up right now… you have Flappy Bird, right?” 

You know when you’re like “Flappy Birds, that’s stupid game,”  and you refuse to stoop that low and get it, because you think you’re better than Flappy Birds?   Only to find out that after the game was taken off the app store, people are so desperate to play Flappy Birds that they are buying other people’s phones on eBay for thousands of dollars.  Goddamnit!!! Why didn’t I download Flappy Birds!!?? Fuck.  Are you serious??  That can’t be true.   

Well it was.. but eBay put the kibosh on that real quick. 

Look, does it make me feel better knowing that eBay shut this auction down when it reached $99,900? It’s one of those situations where you’re like if I can’t have it.. Nobody should. So.. Yes, a little.  Do I think this guy got shafted?  Yes.. Yes I do.  Because this guy was going to make absolute bank.. and then eBay says “You can’t sell phones with apps on them… They have to be restored to factory settings” Wait what?  That is the most bogus thing I have ever heard.  Gotta pay this dude.. gotta.  Guy’s gonna go get some premium bitcoin for that phone anyway, but fuck you eBay.