Something Doesn’t Feel Right About This Whole Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Hurley Affair Rumor


Look Bill Clinton is celebrity watching at it’s best.. just a man’s man doing men things all the time.  He upholds a reputation, he’s a trouble maker and a woman slayer.  So when I heard that maybe he and Hurley got it on in the late 90s, nothing crossed my mind, maybe I stopped what I was doing and thought “Clinton you dog!” Laughed lightly to myself and said “He’s back.”  But business as usual.  Until I saw this:

Who the fuck is Tom Sizemore, and why is he lying??  Look at this guy so dejected.. he know’s he’s lying, and being made a fool.  But let’s be honest.. how much credibility does this guy have.. none. Zero Credibility.. so why did people believe him in the first place.. it’s like those “the end is near” guys in apocalyptic movies, where people are like “look at that fool.. the end is near..? yeah right” and then everything falls to shit.  Did anyone ever say “oh shit that homeless man has a point, the end IS near”? No they fucking didn’t. So why did people say “Oh shit if Tom Sizemore said Bill Clinton got with Elizabeth Hurley.. It must be true.” IDK.  But goddamn it, I believe it now more than ever now that Sizemore has taken it all back.

I believe that Clinton demanded Elizabeth Hurley’s number, I believe that he said “Monica wasn’t nearly enough to fulfill my sexual appetite, I’m a man!” I believe that he went on a 4 day sex marathon with one of the hottest women this world has ever seen.  This is the worst cover up in the history of time… Hilary, probably running for president in 2016, definitely said “Fuck you, Bill, I will not be embarrassed by you again with this shit.. call Sizemore and tell him that if he doesn’t blame his little rant on the drugs, the hit’s on. That’s fucking final.”

And Hurley just covering her own tracks to save face

“Ludicrously…” Ms. Hurley I can hear your accent know, and it make me tingle.