Pornhub Traffic Experiences Expected Spikes In Denver During And After The Super Bowl


Well at least they deal with their problems just like everyone else.  This doesn’t surprise me.. obviously there’s a direct correlation.  A tough loss.. masturbate.  Upset.. masturbate.  Need to be distracted for a second, forget about everything.. masturbate.  It’s an equation as old as time.  When you reach the Super Bowl with the expectations that the Broncos had.. and you get smashed, not just smashed, obliterated.. A spike in local porn usage is 100% expected.  Back Door Sluts IIV just blaring from every bedroom in Denver.  All the Broncos fans were a little less sad afterwards.  Still upset, but after a little porn they came to terms with the national embarrassment.  Here’s the run down, right from the site itself:

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 5.55.37 PM

There you have it folks, Postgame: Seattle’s partying.. Denver’s cry-masturbating.