The Longest Legs Of New York Belong To Brooke Banker, And Brooke Banker Is Such A Babe.

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Usually shit like this is really weird like largest feet, or largest forehead, or largest biceps or something weird like that.. but legs, right away I knew I was going to like this one.  Who doesn’t like a nice set of legs?  Nobody, that’s who.  Girls that showcase great legs have my undivided attention 100% of the time.

You know when you watch the WNBA, and you’re like “Oh that’s cute” because you know you could beat a professional women’s basketball player in a one on one.. well that’s exactly what I said when I read that her legs were 47 inches long, “Oh cute.” I totally have her in the leg length department.  Probably beat her by at least a few inches.. pretty confident..  Well apparently I have no concept of how long 47 inches.. apparently I have the math skills of a 3rd grader because I just measured my leg 4 times just to make sure I had it right.. and this chick has me by 5 inches..  42 inches?? What?? Is that possible??

You know what the funniest part is.. I watched the first 1 min and 36 seconds just wondering “What does it look like when she does squats?” AND BOOM, squats.. and to be honest, she looks like an Avatar when she does squats.. but let’s be serious we all secretly wanted to bang an avatar.. just to see what it felt like… so I’m still in.

You know who’s really feeling the heat? Anastasia Strashevskaya.. with her 42 inch legs.. same size.. we’d be a perfect spoon.

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