Egypt’s like “#tbt The Swine Flu lol”

Eeeegypt, you sillies.. the Swine Flu is sooo yesterday, people just dying from the Swine Flu left and right. Guys I thought we got over this one…  We’re back to just worrying about the regular old flu, and you guys are just throwing the swine around like it ain’t no thang?  You know what just struck me.. maybe Egypt is just very far behind.. like they never got the Swine Flu like the rest of us and are just getting it now.

An Egyptian government health worker sprays pigs with disinfectant

An Egyptian health worker sprays pigs with disinfectant in a Cairo slum in 2009 as a precaution against H1N1, or swine flu. (European Pressphoto Agency / April 27, 2009)

A couple of pointers in avoiding the swine…

1) I’m pretty sure just spraying these pigs with disinfectant isn’t going to rid them of super virus H1N1

2) Get some normal pigs.. preferably of the classic pink variety or even brown.. but not black.. black pigs look like big rats

3) Don’t keep your pigs in a Cairo slum, slums are generally pretty dirty.. just a lot of trash and shit and stuff