HA Nothing Says “I Slap You In The Face With My Hangdang” More Than The Authorities Coming Up Empty Handed After Searching Bieber’s Plane

bieber bieber2

I can just see it, a bunch of SUVs rolling up to Bieber’s plane sirens blazing, an important man in a suit saying “Haha, we’ve got him now folks, we’re taking Bieber down.. you don’t bring drugs into the Garden State and get a way with it! you think I’ll get a medal for this?” 100s of police officers moving towards the plane, guns drawn. Dogs barking, hungry to find those drugs. You idiots, you’ll never take him down.  This kid’s on a mission, he drag races, he bangs the hottest chicks, he’s got the world by the balls, and goddamn it he will pre-party the shit out of the SuperBowl.  He may smell like weed, his passengers may smell like weed, but there is no weed on that plane, no Lil Za, no coke, that shit has been consumed preflight.  New Jersey you have been out-gunned by the Biebs.  Happy SuperBowl Weekend, guys, live it up.