This Vincent Wade Guy Who Drunkenly Crashed His Car Into A Crown Fried Chicken And Then Got Naked And Pleasured Himself Is A Certified ANIMAL


Fucking hilarious, great moves, just rubbing his shiny buddha body for onlookers.  This guy definitely had a plan, telling people “If I ever get blackout and crash my car, I’m 100% getting naked and masturbating, it’ll never happen.. but if it does (laughs) ”

Look if I learned anything from “Wolf Of Wall Street” a trained professional masturbates 3 times a day. 21 times a week, minimum.  Vincent Wade is a trained professional.. he knew he wasn’t going to be able to masturbate in the drunk tank without being shanked with a filed down plastic spoon, so he tried to fit a days work into the 5 minute window he had before police showed up to the crime scene.  “A” for effort, Vincent, “A” for effort.  And at that point.. you’re too drunk to care about further charges, you have a DUI and a destruction of property under your belt.. what’s a little public lewdness.. icing on the cake if you ask me.  And if I learned anything from Lone Survivor, “Moderation is for PUSSIES” I’m not just un-zipping my pants, I’m getting out of my vehicle, taking all my clothes off and airing it out.  Vincent you fucking animal!