Just Realizing How Funny John Mayer Is



So I’m just sitting here sipping on a coffee, listening to John Mayer, classic coffee house music, just your regular wednesday morning, then it dawned on me… John Mayer is hilarious.  Guy just runs away to Montana, grows his hair out, wears funny hats, fashions parkas, and writes the sappiest album, which doubles as a call for help.  We are literally the same person.  I would love to run away to Montana, chill and write songs titled “Lost At Sea”  He got tired of sleeping around with bimbos like Jessica Simpson and T-Swift among others, and was like: “What am I doing with my life?”  Totally just scooping little parts of his soul out and handing a small piece to each chick he sleeps with.. finally had enough of that life of pussy and was like “someone find me” Dude I totally understand.  I knew we were similar.. but the same person bro?