Buffett The Manatee Chose The Broncos To Win This Sunday Which Pretty Much Means It’s A Lock



Buffett the manatee is 6-0 in the last 6 Super Bowls.. he doesn’t lose.. and animals have this sixth sense, so I know this is for real. Cats can see ghosts, dogs can sense danger, manatees and octopi can predict Super Bowls and World Cup Championships. There isn’t much you can rely on in this cold hard world, but you can bet on the Broncos winning the Super Bowl on Sunday. I don’t know how I feel about this.  Seahawks fans are some of the most annoying fans in the league, Richard Sherman will be obnoxious and unavoidable if he has a ring, and I despise Pete Carroll.  On the other hand, I had one wish in this world, and it’s that if Welker didn’t get a ring in New England, I didn’t want to see him win one somewhere else.  Well it looks like I won’t get it now that Buffett has spoken.  It’s going to be terrible watching Welker and Manning prance around the field, whisking away orange and white confetti, just being showered in glory.  But like my mom always said “Life isn’t fair.”

Last year’s Buffett Prediction: