So This Is What We Consider ‘Stunning’ These Days.. I’m Upset

When you tell me that there are ‘stunning’ pictures of Jennifer Aniston in a bikini.. I’m bout that life.. not only because Jennifer Aniston is hot.. but because she literally defies father time.  She has been smoking hot since the early 90s.. So ‘stunning’ bikini shots, and I’m there.  But this.. this was just upsetting:

Jennifer & Justin Host Their Famous Friends In Cabo

NO. No, no, no.

I am team Jen Aniston.. but it is so hard for me to stand by and not speak up… Yes you are still hot.. but this? This boobs sliding down the sides of your ribcage.. this is your mid-40s.. silly huffington post thinking this is stunning.

Courtney Cox was there too.. and let me tell you something.. she’s a stone cold fox, just like a fine wine, better with time.  Cougar indeed.

Jennifer & Justin Host Their Famous Friends In Cabo