Aaron Rodgers’ Comeback Is Way Over Hyped

First of all, people seem to have forgotten who gave Rodgers the collarbone injury.. the Bears did, that’s who:


Everyone’s like “When is Rodgers coming back..? Oh shit he’s back.. let me go shake in my boots.”

I couldn’t be less threatened by the guy.  Doesn’t scare me one bit, never has.. yeah he’s a great quarterback.. yeah he won a Super Bowl (a few years ago).. but what’s he done since?  I mean come on, when the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2011 he had Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, and Donald Driver.  He literally has one of the trio in Jordy Nelson.  Not only is he coming off of a broken collarbone.. he also doesn’t have a ton of targets.  James Jones has had one touchdown since Oct. 6th, and 3 this entire season.  Randall Cobb is questionable coming off a knee injury.  RB Eddie Lacy is nursing an ankle injury.  The second Rodgers is back.. the Packers have gone from underdogs to favorites against Chicago? Please.

Not to mention if Matt Flynn wasn’t making bank as a back-up quarterback, he commits suicide not later than tomorrow.  Guy has to be kicking himself in the balls.  Drafted to be Rodgers’ backup in 2008.  Leaves Green Bay to be Seattle’s starting QB, gets overthrown by rookie sensation Russell Wilson.  Leaves Seattle to be Oakland’s starting QB, gets overthrown by second year QB Terrelle Pryor.  Leaves Oakland to join QB competition in Buffalo, loses job to third-stringer Jeff Tuel.  Now he’s back with the Packers and just before he gets a shot at redemption with a chance to beat the Bears and win the NFC North Division.. Rodgers returns to lead the team to glory. Heartbreak City.

Taking the Bears +3.. you won’t fool me this time Vegas, you sneaky bastards.