I’m Not Going To Sugar Coat It.. Miley’s Post Shower Selfie Is SexyAsFuck

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 8.18.09 PM

Miley is just the oil that runs the ‘turn down for what?’ machine.  She literally hasn’t turned down for anything since before she was Hannah Montana. Always getting turnt up, and I absolutely love it.  And it is “turnt up”.. I’ve been second guessing myself this whole time.. is it ‘turn up’ or ‘get turnt up’? Thanks Miley for validating me.  If you’ve been saying ‘turn up’ you’ve been saying it wrong. Nerds. Reevaluate yourselves.  As a side note, I’ve always been on the fence about the whole long hair / short hair thing with Miley.. but post shower Miley is the best.  So hot. Like, so hot.