I Don’t Know Who I Like More.. Barry Hinson Or Barry Hinson’s Wife (Great VIDEO Rant)


Barry Hinson, telling it like it is.  I love it.  When asked about rebounding he sneaky tells everyone that he’s been telling his wife for years that size doesn’t matter.  “Marcus had an off game….? Marcus was ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!” Just hilarious.  People are gonna say “This guy’s lucky to still have his job” “this guy doesn’t have respect for his players” “this guy shouldn’t have singled out Marcus” “this guy’s rant is totally out of line” blah blah blah.  You know how you can prevent a Barry Hinson rant? Play better.  Don’t suck. Don’t be mommas boys.  Don’t go 2-11.  Play with as much heart as Mrs. Hinson.  Shot fake like Mrs. Hinson.  You know how Barry knows his wife can go better than 2-11.. because he knows she’ll shot fake at least one time.  Shot fake guys, grow up, this is Southern Illinois, this is the big time.. time to start acting like it.