Bron Bron Losing His Cool Is So Miami Heat

This is so Miami Heat.. when they’re winning they’re all smiles, stupid dances, linking arms and jigging.. when they’re losing they all act like spoiled little bitchboys.  Dude, you’re really going to let someone like Mario Chalmers get under your skin..  I thought you were the “king”, kings don’t let their little minions get under their skin. What’d he tell you he double teamed your mom with Delonte West? That’s gotta be it.  There is a 100% chance Bron asked Haslem to hold him back, because if Haslem isn’t there Bron doesn’t lay a finger on Chalmers, and Chalmers laughs in his face.. defying him, and embarrassing him in front of everybody.  You fake tough guy.  You can see how hard it is for him to swallow his pride when he says “I was wrong, my bad” And it’s great television.

Chalmers doesn’t even care because he knows LeBron will give and shoot him a tweet just totally sucking up to him, making sure everybody knows that they’re good:

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 2.10.38 AM