China’s ‘Photo’s From Their Moon Rover’ Are Laughable At Best.

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China so far ahead of the curve and so far behind.. guys how is it that you manage to stay current in the technological world but you’re still fucking around with the moon.. if you even put a rover on the moon, that picture isn’t very convincing, at least when we tried to pull one over on everybody we put dudes in spacesuits with an American flag on a trampoline in some Hollywood set with a ‘picture’ of the earth in the background.  China just went out in the middle of the Chinese desert at night and took a shot of some rocks.  “Oh look at us, we take pictures of moon.. when was last time you did that United Stateserah?” I’ll tell you when, 1968… why has it been so long? Because we put things on Mars now. Mars is “in”.

The only question I have is why are they still fucking with the moon?  Is it because they’re that far behind.. or is there something that they know, that we don’t know.  Like moon diamonds or a bitcoin ocean.. maybe it’s something really cool that I don’t even know about.  The possibilities are endless.  I’m puzzled, that’s the only scenario I can think of and frankly I’m a bit scared. China is very sneaky, just haven’t been able to get a good feel for them since the cold war.. Russia too for that matter.. very sneaky.. one second we could be looking at pictures of the moon on China’s State Media Page, the next second they have taken control of the whole world with something they’ve harvested from the moon.  Not sitting well with me.

Show me a shot of the moon with the earth in the background.. or you’re liars.