In The First Edition Of Today’s Celebrity Fued: Hilton’s Vs. Lohan


(Nice scarf tuck you fuckboy)

Barron Hilton has logged on to … refusing to get back to police officers investigating the beatdown he caught at the hands of Lindsay Lohan‘s pal — and it’s preventing them from making an arrest … TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported … Miami Beach PD are looking to arrest the puncher — LiLo’s friend Ray LeMoine — however … law enforcement sources now tell us they haven’t heard back from Paris Hilton‘s little bro.

We’re told police need to speak with him to button up the investigation — but Barron has fallen off the radar since initially speaking to cops on Friday morning, right after the attack.

As we told you … multiple sources confirm there was a ton of drugs, including cocaine, inside the party.

We got Barron’s folks, Rick and Kathy Hilton, out last night … and Rick said he believes LeMoine nailed his son with brass knuckles.

As for LeMoine, he went on an online rant, claiming Barron started the fight by pushing him … then claiming BH would not have been cut except for his “stupid glasses.”   He also calls Barron “Conrad Hilton’s spoiled sperm experiment,” and says when the confrontation began, Barron proclaimed, “Do you know who my sisters are?”

You know what, if I told everyone I was brutally attacked, and then the whole world found out I was acting like a coked up spoiled fuck boy, pushing people and name dropping my sisters, I would lay low for a while and if I said anything ever again I’d tell everyone I was wrong and that the scratches on my face were from when I fell down a flight of stairs.  Because it’s over when everyone finds out you name dropped Paris.. umm ask yourself when the last time you thought about Paris Hilton? Years ago.. she’s so not relevant bro, she’s so 2005, these aren’t the golden years of Paris sex tapes and The Simple life.. The Kardashians came along and BOOM Paris was dust in the wind.  I think it’s also over when someone calls you “Conrad Hilton’s spoiled sperm experiment”.  My mom used to refer to me as her little mistake so I know those kind of insults first hand.. there’s no coming back from those.. one of Lidsay’s friends popped you in your nerd glasses because you’re a stuck up nobody who hides behind your sisters B-List fame and your dad’s hotel business.

Well it’s not like I haven’t been on team Lohan since I first heard about this feud. She gives no fucks, in fact she hasn’t given any fucks for quite some time, and I love that about her.. Just the ultimate ‘wildcard’.  Sweet girl one day, lip job bad girl the next, in and out of rehab, doing hot yoga at Passages Malibu one day, throwing all night coke parties at her house the next. You naughty girl, you naughty. On the other hand, I would nail Paris Hilton.. but burying that pussy is kind of “out”.

P.S. I looked at this picture and was like who’s this smoke with the low cut loose shirt giving me a shmoner? It’s Lidsay she doesn’t even look like a hot mess, just hot now.. blazing hot.. what the spanish speaking call “fuego caliente” I would spend every last cent in my bank account to be on that private jet.. there is a 100% chance that that charter was a “No Rules, Everything Goes” charter to some tropical place.