If Tom And Gisele Don’t Have Life By The Balls, I Don’t Know Who Does

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are HAULING ASS on their massive new construction in Brookline, MA — TMZ has learned, they’re employing roughly 100 workers per day to get the job done by this summer … and we’ve got pics of the site.

Sources close to the job tell TMZ, Tom and Gisele want the whole project completed by July … which is a tall order, considering the 5-bedroom 4-bathroom house is ENORMOUS … 14,317 sq. ft. to be exact … spread out over 5.2 acres.

We’re told the plans for the mega-mansion include a basement spa, a motor court, a pool with a “Baja shelf” (perfect for tanning in the water), a library with a balcony, a wine cellar, and even its own yoga studio.

Damn it whenever I hear the names Tom and Gisele I get the biggest jealousy boner.  I get mad at my parents for not grooming me into the perfect football specimen, and not raising me to have a taste for only the most exquisite women, and for raising me with the “just go out there and have fun” mentality. I get mad that I’m not stuck with Gisele for the rest of my life, I get mad that I don’t have fine cars, and a pool with a “baja shelf”. I don’t need a yoga studio, I’d never use a yoga studio but goddamnit do I want one, I’m mad I don’t have one. But I love it, I love living vicariously through Tom.

A library with a balcony? You dog. I can just see brady now standing on his balcony in a smoking jacket with a pipe, holding a leather bound book, while watching Gisele bask on the Baja shelf, while the little ones run around owning life.

Very rarely do say wow they’re living the dream and actually mean it. Hate to beat a dead horse but Tom’s married to supermodel Gisele, is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL History, has the sweetest pads, just an absolute winner in everything but dancing.. This guy is living the fucking dream, just buttfucking life every step of the way. Did I mention devilish good looks, add that to the list. Just a huge jealousy broner.