Well The Texans Suck




There’s a list of QBs that I love to watch fail.. nothing makes me laugh more than watching Philip Rivers kneel down on the sideline and put his head in his hand after throwing a late interception or watching Mark Sanchez getting brutally sacked or eating hot dogs on the sideline, or Ryan Fitzpatrick when he was in Buffalo just sucking.  I liked Matt Shaub.  He was my fantasy QB a few years ago, and I stood by him through the good and the bad.. and I mean for the most part he was a pro-bowl QB.  But now I can’t get enough of him throwing picks.  Each and every interception is better and more miserable than the last.  Like tonight in Jacksonville, Shaub comes in for Keenum, throws a touchdown, and just when you think the Texans have made a game of it BOOM Shaub throws an interception.  I get giddy like a goddamn school boy.  Can’t even get enough of it.

I mean last week, even though you knew you had no chance against that Pats, you made a game of it.. it was close.  The pats are a good team.  But the Jags? The Jags haven’t won a home game in over a year.. You went 12-4 last year. The only thing the Jags have going for them is their uniform which is straight fuego right now.  I don’t care about their 3-game winning streak.  Poor souls were taking you at -2.5 tonight.  No matter, keep doing you, because watching the Texans lose is hilarious to me.  They’re so confused.. all @HoustonTexans can focus on in this 11 game skid is how Andre Johnson is an animal..  Hell, the Browns have    a better record and they chirp their QBs on twitter… J.J. Watt is the most frustrated player in the NFL.. Arian Foster is nothing.

I wanted to tweet “Proud of you” at Matt Shaub tonight but he deleted his Twitter because he couldn’t take the heat.  Such a sad demise.  It’s always sad watching a good player’s career crumble so quickly, like D-Rose in Chicago.  Hopefully he’ll come back stronger.  On the other hand, Shaub’s career is in question because he’s miserable.. I think the peak of his future NFL career will be as a backup in some irrelevant city playing for a team that will never be in contention.

But how about the Jags huh? Win 4 of their last 5 games against teams that have a combined winning percentage of .297 with a combined record of 11-26 and obviously they’re the hottest team in the NFL


Hottest team indeed.