Kid Who Brings “Buddy Bench” To School Playground Is A Goddamn Revolutionary And He Doesn’t Even Know It

2nd-Grader’s Cure For Playground Loneliness: A Buddy Bench

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 12/03/2013 5:01 pm EST  |  Updated: 12/04/2013 5:15 pm EST

buddy bench

Second-grader Christian Bucks, of York, Pa., knew that some of his classmates felt lonely during recess, and he decided to do something about it. His simple, utterly heartwarming solution was to install a playground “buddy bench.”

As reported by the York Daily Record, a buddy bench is a designated seating area where students feeling lonely or upset can seek camaraderie. The area is customarily painted in bright, inviting colors.

Bucks first spotted a buddy bench in a brochure for a school in Germany, according to the Record. He pitched the idea to Roundtown Elementary School Principal Matthew Miller, who immediately got on board. Miller even let Bucks help pick the bench’s style and colors.

Bucks told the Record that he hopes the bench will help “grow our dream circle of friends.”

Bucks isn’t the only student to think his school playground could benefit from these kinds of fixtures. Last month, St. Catharine’s Primary School in Chipping Campden, England, installed its very own buddy bench to facilitate playground friendship, according to area news outlet Cotswold Journal. Students received the bench enthusiastically, and Headteacher Joanne Welch spoke glowingly of the project.

“It is lovely to see the children demonstrate such care for each other,” Welch told the Journal. “So many lifelong friendships of course start in the school playground.”

A buddy bench is more than just a playground decoration. Designating such a bench is a helpful way for schools to facilitate “peer support” among students, wrote University of Sulley professor Helen Cowie for a chapter in Promoting Emotional Education, a collection of essays designed to encourage unique approaches to teaching. In her essay, Cowie cites peer support as a critical factor in combating school bullying.

This kid doesn’t even know what he just did. No idea.  All good things evolve right? You get the iPhone 4s then the 5 comes out.  You get the Buddy Bench in school playgrounds then you get the Fuck Buddy Bench in adult playgrounds.. this is bound to pop up at sometime in the near future.  Am I expecting too much from this? Definitely. Hot lonely women sitting next to me on the Fuck Buddy Bench? Expectations far too high.  But like anything revolutionary, it will take time to grow.  Am I more likely to meet dirty trannies on this bench? Probably in the beginning.  This bench will be much bigger than this kids Buddy Bench too… definitely need more room for activities.

This could turn into a great porn venture as well.  Kind of like a mix between casting couch and czech streets.  The dialogue will be great and the street element will bring the risky sexual tension.  The possibilities are endless with this one.

Not to mention I expect my version of the bench to be way more successful then this kid’s bench.. Nothing says I wish I was playing capture the flag with the cool kids quite like that distant stare.. just look at the picture.. Kid’s lonelier now more than ever.. kid’s more likely to get rocks thrown at him than make new friends.  But thanks for the idea buddy.