Apparently Snowy Road Is Scary… Sneaky Japanese Tire Ad

Goddamn Japan’s at it again with this tires ad.. those sillys.. Damn you Japan, damn you and your straight to the point advertising.. I’ll buy your tires now and I don’t even have a car.. because you are damn right snowy roads are scary.. Talk about spitting out your coffee when you aren’t even drinking any.  I didn’t even know it snowed in Japan.. like what?  Just mind blowing on every level.  My heart’s still racing.. there’s no getting over the feeling that you just got tricked into watching one of those terrifying pop up videos.. you sneaky Japan getting me to sneaky watch one of those.. almost spilled my drink all over my laptop.

They do get it though, you sell things either with sex or terror.. I would have bought those tires either if they had some sexy Asian girl dry humping a tire or if they scared me into buying them.. either way I’ll take four snow tires good sirs.