Illegal Online Marketplace Gets Hacked And Shutdown Taking More Than 96,000 User Bitcoins With It


Where am I supposed to get my online heroin fix? Goddamnit!!  Fucking nerds.  I guess I’d be pretty upset if I lost my online bitcoin pouch.  I bet it felt pretty similar to when those Czechoslovakians at BetOnline asked for social security number and I had to leave my 300 dollars on there to avoid almost imminent identity fraud, but still probably 100 times worse.

I still don’t know how these sites work.  I was confused when I heard about Silk Road, but now we have Sheep.. it just seemed like a bunch of nerds diving deep into the dark unknown of the internet black market acquiring internet slaves, and heroin with magical bitcoins that make no sense and are worth more than an ounce of gold.. what?

This is what the Frank Reynolds and the gang would call a long term scam.  Get an illegal online marketplace up and running spend months writing computer code, making you essentially untraceable and then BOOM when you reach $100,000,000 worth of bitcoins, leave a shitty note for your users, shut that shit down, and take the money and run.  Have to respect that move.

You have to respect the note they left their users..


“Oh noo, we were robbed, everything is gone,  damn you “EBOOK101″ hope I don’t run into any of you online drug dealers on whichever tropical island I decide to retire on with my 96,000 bitcoins.. you fucking fools.. haHA”

UPDATE: Apparently the programmer behind Sheep who scammed everyone out of 96,000 bitcoins is Czech.. Goddamn it this just got personal first BetOnline, now Sheep.  The fucking Czechs!!