Break-Up Playlist That Will Be Sure To Get You Through A Break-Up Or Make It Last 3 Years

My buddies know that if they put on a little DMB ‘Grace Is Gone’ it’s game over for me.  Flashbacks, reminiscing, blank staring off into the distance, maybe a few cold tears.  Break-ups are hard. I know.  My girlfriend and I broke up like three years ago, and I still roll over and stare at the wall sometimes and wonder what would be different today.  Was what we had beautiful? Yes. Will I get married to her someday? Probably.  Am I delusional? Definitely.  But here’s a list of break-up songs I guarantee will make a break-up last forever, sure to put you in your own little glass case of emotion, heartbreak city:

1. Grace Is Gone – Dave Matthews Band

2. In Your Atmosphere (live) – John Mayer

3. Would You Go With Me – Josh Turner

4. Wish It Would Break – Dierks Bentley

5. Free Fallin’ – John Mayer

6. Angel – Jack Johnson

7. Stop This Train – John Mayer

8. Probably anything by Drake

9. You And Tequila – Kenny Chesney ft Grace Potter

10. Perfectly Lonely – John Mayer

11. Flake – Jack Johnson

12. Sure Thing – Miguel

13. She’s Gone – Hall & Oates

14. I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons

15. I’m Still In Love With You – Al Green

16. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

17. Let Me Down Easy – Billy Currington

18. Wanted – Hunter Hayes

19. I’m Gonna Find Another You – John Mayer

20. Up All Night – Kip Moore

21. Someone Else Calling You Baby – Luke Bryan

22. Til My Last Day – Justin Moore

23. Back To You – John Mayer

24. Why Don’t We Just Dance – Josh Turner

25. Breakdown – Jack Johnson

Glass case of emotion indeed.