Second Place Trophies Should Be Abolished


These kids came into to my work the other day just jubilant as fuck, waving around this huge trophy, clearly won a championship or something.. Nope, second place. I didn’t know we celebrated second place with ice cream. I thought we always celebrated second place by crying on the bench and locking ourselves in our rooms.. There shouldn’t be huge trophies for teams that go to the big dance and then absolutely fold.. teams that get to the one game that they need to win, the one game they’ve worked for the entire season, and then get their teeth kicked in.. teams that are happy to just be there, teams that ‘tried their best’ or teams that’ll ‘get em next time.’ No. Super Bowl losers don’t celebrate, they sulk off the field brushing the confetti away from their faces, and contemplate ending it because they know they may not ever get the chance to win another championship ever. They don’t get a second place trophy that says ‘Good Job’ or ‘Great Year.’ Did Japan get a second place trophy in WWII? I don’t know if they did. If you got second place, you didn’t win, you lost.