Will This Invisibility Wetsuit Really Stop Sharks From Eating Humans?

‘Invisibility wetsuit’ to protect against sharks launched in Western Australia

Am I the only one that assumed this wetsuit actually made you invisible when I read the title, or am I just an idiot?  How dare they call it successful! is it successful because there hasn’t been a shark attack in the last month or two? I don’t care about science. Sharks have loved humans since the beginning of time. Have you seen Shark Night? Have you seen Sharknado? Fucking  Jaws?! Have you stuck a human in the water and put a great white in front of them? No.  You put a capsule full of dead fish in the water… that shark didn’t want fish, it wanted human.. it wanted unsuspecting surfer.. the difference between fish and human is Chicken McNuggets and Filet Fucking Mignon.  How dumb do they think sharks are? Have you heard about evolution? Have you heard about animals adapting to adversities?  If you put the entire population of Great Britain in the Sahara, their skin would get darker over time to adapt to the harsh Saharan sun.  It’s survival of the fittest.  Sharks are the fittest, top of the food chain.  Always have been, always will be.  Sharks will always eat humans, no matter what you’re wearing, no matter what science you throw at them.

P.S. If your so worried about getting attacked by a shark, maybe you shouldn’t swim in the deadliest shark infested waters of the Western Australian Coast… but by all means keep shredding gnar